Changes in my home photo studio — June 2023

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to write about updates in my little photo studio. I’ve successfully refrained from spending money on new purchases. Still, I’ve gathered a few new items I’d like to share with you.

I did a minor upgrade to my lighting equipment: I replaced my last Godox TT685 flash with a newer model, the V860III. At this moment all my lights can be charged via USB-C, a crucial detail when working on the go. That also simplifies my work in the home studio.

I also purchased a Godox SR-1 adapter, which allows me to use my AK-R1 accessory set with the new V860III. I aim to unify all studio accessories and work with as few different systems as possible.

Another addition to my collection is three mini tripods from Kaizer, model 7223. These are only 4.6cm tall in the lowest position and can hold up to 6kg.

I installed a 1/4″ to 3/8″ adapter on one of these and mounted my Audio Technica mic. Finally, there is no more risk of it toppling over on the table. I also had to replace the old USB cable with a 90° angled one to fit. This change marks the completion of my audio setup, which now includes everything I need to work efficiently.

The other two mini tripods in my collection are used in tandem with Godox TL-30 LED tubes. These give me the flexibility to mount the lights horizontally, an ideal scenario when shooting macro, or vertically; the TL-30s also prove extremely useful as emergency lighting in the event of power outages. Summer is here, it’s extremely hot, sometimes the power grid can’t cope, and I have to endure a few hours of darkness.

I made a new workbench out of a Lagkapten countertop from IKEA, complete with Krille caster legs. On this, I fitted four table stands from Smallrig, code 3488. These are adjustable stands that can reach from 30cm to 90cm. At the top, they can be configured with either a small ball head or a spigot similar to any light stand.

I attached some Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp to two of these stands, which I use to hold the backgrounds upright. The other two stands are fitted with Manfrotto 026 umbrella adapters, which support the two AD200s and UB-85W white parabolic umbrellas from Godox.

These minor additions allowed me to complete my minimalist photo studio for product and food photography. I’m getting ready to focus more on studio work, as the heat outside has started to get intense, and I’m not enjoying it.

With all these changes, my home studio is almost complete. I’m at the point I wanted to be, ready for future projects.

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