A fresh (re)start: Welcome to my redesigned blog!

It’s a new beginning for me and this blog.

I decided to give up the old self-hosted site because its administration was time-consuming, the hosting and the necessary modules were expensive, and, on the other hand, the traffic on the site was relatively low.

In addition, I decided to spend more time with my family in the next period, so I will publish less frequently.

As such, I moved my portfolio to Adobe Portfolio, using the custom domain https://teodorcostachioiu.com. The blog section of the old site is now hosted here, on Blogger.com, with the custom domain https://blog.teodorcostachioiu.com.

I have further plans to consolidate my online presence. Because my interests are diverse, I have written on a few separate sites in the past. That was a mistake, as each site I wrote on had little traffic but consumed time and money.

Besides, all the topics I cover are somehow related, so why not combine them and make my life a little easier.

So, on this occasion, I’ll add other articles I’ve written elsewhere. It will no longer be just a photography blog. Instead, it will become my English language publication, with everything that interests me.

So, prepare for an exciting journey ahead. I can’t wait to share my work and hear your thoughts. 

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