A new blog section on minimalism and related stuff

Today I start a new section of the blog where I’ll share my thoughts and experiences on well-being, minimalism, decluttering, and simplicity.

We are facing challenge of moving closer to the city center to be closer to a decent school for our child. We have two options: stay where we are and drive our child to a good school daily, or move closer to a decent school. We don’t want to take away our child’s sleep time only to spend that time in the car, stuck in traffic. So it’s time to start a new chapter in our lives and move into a new home.

This decision forces us to downsize our belongings, as our new home will be smaller. In this section of the blog, I’ll document our journey of addressing excess possessions and simplifying our lives as much as possible.

I hope to use this space to record our endeavor’s successes and failures and inspire others. I’ll also share our experiences with downsizing and minimalism, discuss past mistakes and unnecessary purchases, and explore steps to reduce energy consumption. I invite you to follow our adventures, hoping you’ll learn from them and find them helpful.

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