Why I don’t shoot weddings


If you took the time to look at my portfolio, you’ve surely noticed that I don’t have any wedding photos. I refuse to photograph weddings! In all my work as a photographer, I’ve only photographed two weddings of good friends who found themselves without a camera crew at the last minute, and I had to save the day.

Except for these two situations, I don’t photograph weddings! And in what follows, I will explain why.

I like to work alone

First and foremost, I like to work alone or be assisted by my wife when there is more work. To successfully photograph a wedding, you need at least two photographers and a videographer. Ideally, you will need three photographers and two videographers to cover the event successfully.

Weddings are a marathon

In Romania, weddings are a marathon lasting up to 20 hours. So first, I would wake up early and go to the registry office where the marriage papers are signed. After that, there is usually a short break before heading to the bride or groom’s house for some photos with the wedding dress or the groom’s suit.

Then, it’s off to the church around noon. Unfortunately, they usually don’t stick to the schedule, so the wedding schedule can get seriously messed up.

Once the religious ceremony ends, there is a small window to squeeze in a studio or outdoor photo shoot.

Around 5–7 in the evening, the party starts, and it can last until 3–4 in the morning when the wedding cake is served. People start to leave at this point, and things don’t get as exciting. Moreover, most guests are drunk by now, so there are fewer opportunities to take pictures.

Usually, the photographer’s place is next to the DJ, where the music is very loud. If the music selection differs from what I like, it can be a real pain to last the whole night.

I think I’m too old for this.. Nothing compares to a good sleep and a fresh coffee in the morning.

High pressure

Wedding photography often involves capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments, which can create intense pressure to perform perfectly. In addition, the stress of dealing with high expectations from clients can be overwhelming.

Then some clients still need to get over their hangover, but they call you to ask if the pictures are ready. Unfortunately, few understand that photo editing is time-consuming.

Difficult clients

Weddings are situations where I work with the client once. If the clients are happy, they may call me later for the christening(s), but it is not a rule.

I rather prefer to work with established clients on the product photography side, where I know their expectations and how to meet them.

High cost of equipment

Wedding photography can be unpredictable due to weather, lighting conditions, and unforeseen events that can disrupt the schedule and make it difficult to get the desired shots. This leads to the need for equipment to cope with any possible situation. Unfortunately, this also means I must always carry a lot of equipment.

Furthermore, photo equipment used at weddings has a challenging life and will deteriorate faster than equipment used in the studio.

Legal liability

Wedding photography involves legal liability, as clients may sue if they are unhappy with the photos.

Something can always go wrong at weddings, especially if they need to be better organized. Many moments are unique and cannot be repeated — think of the moment of signing the marriage certificate or the religious ceremony.

I prefer not to have such headaches.

Weddings are boring

For the bride and groom, it is a unique moment in their lives. For me, as a photographer, it’s just another wedding. All marriages eventually follow the same pattern and boredom sets in.

Finally, photographing weddings can be emotionally draining, as the photographer is constantly immersed in a highly emotional and often stressful environment.


All these are reasons not to photograph weddings and christenings. Instead, I prefer a less stressful life, with a regular working schedule and a better work-life balance.

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